Unmasking Suspicious Buyers: Strategies to Address an eBay MC098 Notice

eBay, a global marketplace connecting buyers and sellers, prioritizes a secure and trustworthy environment for its users. However, encountering a suspicious buyer can pose challenges for sellers, leading to concerns about fraudulent activities. If you’ve received an MC098 notice from eBay indicating a suspicious buyer, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly and effectively. In this article, we’ll explore strategies to fix an MC098 notice and navigate the complexities associated with suspicious buyers on eBay.

Understanding the MC098 Notice:

The MC098 notice is a notification from eBay alerting sellers about a suspicious buyer. This may be due to unusual activity, questionable behavior, or concerns raised by the buyer’s account history. Resolving an MC098 notice requires careful examination of the situation and proactive measures to ensure a safe and secure selling experience.

Contact eBay Customer Support:

When faced with an MC098 notice, the first step is to reach out to eBay’s customer support. Utilize available channels, such as email, live chat, or phone support, to inquire about the specific details of the suspicious activity. Clearly express your concerns, seek clarification, and inquire about the appropriate steps to address the issue. Engaging with eBay’s customer support is essential for gaining insights and guidance on handling the situation.

Review Buyer’s Activity:

Thoroughly review the buyer’s activity on your eBay account to identify any red flags or unusual patterns. Check for a history of canceled transactions, disputes, or any other behavior that may indicate suspicious intentions. Understanding the buyer’s activity will help you determine the appropriate course of action to address the concerns raised in the MC098 notice.

Communicate with the Buyer:

Initiate communication with the buyer in a professional and courteous manner. Seek clarification on any concerns, address potential misunderstandings, and gather additional information to assess the legitimacy of the transaction. Clear communication with the buyer can often lead to a resolution and help alleviate any suspicions.

Implement Additional Security Measures:

To safeguard your eBay transactions from suspicious activities, consider implementing additional security measures. Enable eBay’s built-in security features, such as two-step verification, to enhance the protection of your account. Be cautious about sharing sensitive information and ensure that your payment and shipping details are accurate and up-to-date.

Report to eBay Trust & Safety:

If you have valid reasons to believe that a buyer is engaging in fraudulent activities, report the matter to eBay’s Trust & Safety team. Provide detailed information about the suspicious behavior, including any communication, transaction history, and relevant details. Reporting to eBay Trust & Safety contributes to the platform’s efforts to maintain a secure marketplace for all users.

Implement Buyer Requirements:

To minimize the risk of encountering suspicious buyers in the future, consider implementing buyer requirements on your eBay listings. Set specific criteria, such as a minimum feedback score or a history of positive transactions, to filter out potential problematic buyers.


Resolving an eBay MC098 notice related to a suspicious buyer requires a combination of proactive measures, clear communication, and adherence to security practices. By understanding the notice, contacting eBay customer support, reviewing the buyer’s activity, communicating effectively, implementing additional security measures, reporting to eBay Trust & Safety, and setting buyer requirements, you can address the concerns raised and foster a secure selling experience on the platform. Remember, vigilance and swift action are key to maintaining a trustworthy and positive presence on eBay.

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