Overcoming eBay’s MC027 EBI Notice: Strategies to Resolve Registration On Hold Due to Non-Payment

eBay, a global marketplace connecting buyers and sellers, enforces policies to ensure a fair and secure environment for its users. If you’ve received an MC027 EBI (eBay Invoice) Notice, indicating that your registration is on hold due to non-payment, it’s essential to take immediate and strategic steps to resolve the issue. In this article, we will explore effective strategies to address an MC027 notice and lift the registration hold on eBay.

Understanding the MC027 EBI Notice:

The MC027 EBI Notice is a communication from eBay notifying you that your registration is on hold due to non-payment of fees or outstanding invoices. This is a serious matter that requires prompt attention to prevent further consequences, such as account suspension or restricted access to eBay services.

Contact eBay Customer Support:

Upon receiving an MC027 notice, the first step is to reach out to eBay’s customer support. Utilize available communication channels, such as email or phone support, to inquire about the specific details of the outstanding payment and registration hold. Clearly express your commitment to resolving the issue promptly and inquire about the steps needed to lift the registration hold.

Review and Settle Outstanding Invoices:

Thoroughly review your account to identify any outstanding invoices or fees that may have led to the MC027 notice. Take immediate action to settle the outstanding payments by making the necessary payments through eBay’s designated payment methods. Ensure that all outstanding balances are cleared to expedite the resolution of the registration hold.

Negotiate Payment Arrangements:

If you are facing financial difficulties that prevent you from settling the outstanding payments in full, consider negotiating payment arrangements with eBay. Contact eBay’s customer support to discuss a feasible payment plan that allows you to clear the outstanding balance over a set period. Open and transparent communication is crucial during this stage to demonstrate your commitment to resolving the issue.

Update Payment Information:

Ensure that your payment information on file with eBay is accurate and up-to-date. Sometimes, issues arise due to expired or invalid payment methods. Update your payment information to avoid future disruptions and to facilitate the swift resolution of the registration hold.

Submit a Confirmation of Payment:

After settling the outstanding invoices, submit a confirmation of payment to eBay. This can be done through the eBay platform or by contacting customer support directly. Provide any necessary documentation or transaction details to ensure that eBay has accurate records of the payments made.

Implement Preventive Measures:

To avoid future registration holds and ensure a smooth selling experience on eBay, implement preventive measures. Regularly review your account for any pending fees, stay informed about eBay’s billing policies, and maintain up-to-date payment information on your account. Proactive management of your account is essential for preventing similar issues in the future.


Resolving an eBay MC027 EBI Notice and lifting the registration hold due to non-payment requires immediate attention and a proactive approach. By understanding the notice, contacting eBay customer support, reviewing and settling outstanding invoices, negotiating payment arrangements if necessary, updating payment information, submitting a confirmation of payment, and implementing preventive measures, you can successfully navigate the process. Remember, clear communication and a commitment to fulfilling financial obligations are crucial for maintaining a positive and uninterrupted experience on eBay.

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