Understanding eBay Suspension Notices

eBay, positioned as one of the largest global online marketplaces, acts as a hub for millions of buyers and sellers. Yet, the dynamic nature of online commerce presents its own set of challenges, prompting eBay to implement a variety of measures aimed at ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness of its marketplace. These measures include the issuance of various account notices and suspensions, each serving as an indicator of a specific violation of eBay’s policies. This article will delve into some common eBay notices and suspensions that sellers might encounter, along with guidance on how to avoid them.

MC001 FPA NOTICE B001: Half.com Registration Suspension:

The MC001 FPA NOTICE B001 typically signals a suspension of a Half.com registration. Half.com, an eBay subsidiary, operated as a fixed-price marketplace for new and used items. If you receive this notice, it indicates that eBay has identified a violation of policies related to Half.com, leading to the suspension of your registration. To circumvent this, sellers should acquaint themselves with the specific rules governing Half.com transactions.

MC016 – Shill Bidding Detected:

Shill bidding is a serious violation on eBay, involving the artificial inflation of an item’s price through fake bids. An MC016 notice indicates that eBay has detected engagement in shill bidding. Sellers must refrain from such activities, as they undermine the integrity of the auction process.

MC067 – VeRO Takedown/Trademark Violation:

MC067 points to a VeRO (Verified Rights Owner) takedown due to a trademark or intellectual property rights violation. Sellers should ensure their listings adhere to eBay’s VeRO policies, refraining from the use of copyrighted material without proper authorization.

MC008 – Indefinite Account Restriction:

An MC008 notice signals an indefinite account restriction, a severe consequence for repeated policy violations. Sellers should be diligent in understanding and adhering to eBay’s policies to prevent receiving this notice. Maintaining a positive seller reputation and promptly addressing customer concerns can help steer clear of account restrictions.

MC027 EBI NOTICE: eBay Registration On Hold: Non-Payment:

Non-payment violations can lead to an MC027 notice, placing your eBay registration on hold. Sellers should promptly address issues related to non-payment and ensure clear communication with buyers regarding payment expectations and timelines.

MC071 FPA NOTICE B001: eBay Registration Suspension:

Similar to MC001, MC071 indicates a registration suspension, but for the primary eBay platform. Sellers should be aware of the specific policy violations leading to these suspensions and take proactive measures to adhere to eBay’s guidelines.


eBay’s expansive marketplace provides abundant opportunities for sellers, but it necessitates a commitment to ethical practices and compliance with its policies. By staying informed about eBay’s rules, promptly addressing customer concerns, and conducting transparent and honest transactions, sellers can successfully navigate the platform and minimize the risk of receiving notices or suspensions. Regularly reviewing eBay’s policies and staying updated on any changes can contribute to a positive and sustainable selling experience on the platform.

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